The Finnish Bible Institute offers courses and other activities in Kauniainen and elsewhere in Finland

The Finnish Bible Institute Foundation was established by a well-known evangelist Rev. Urho Muroma in 1939. The Bible Institute started giving Bible courses in 1945 in the beautiful surroundings of Kauniainen which is about ten miles west of Helsinki. Nowadays the Institute offers various courses and activities also for the immigrants. 

As a Christian in Finland – an Integration Course for Immigrants

The course suits particularly well for immigrants who have lived in Finland for one or two years and studied the basics of the Finnish language. It is fulltime studies 24-28 hours a week. 

The course aims to familiarize students with the history of Finland as well as the Finnish society and culture, the Bible and the Christian faith and the Church. Students also have the opportunity to improve their computer skills if needed. The studies include work life familiarization, if the student’s Finnish language level is sufficient. 

We also undertake trips to historical, cultural and communal places which are worthwhile for the integration of the student. The teacher responsible for the course is Marja-Kaarina Marttila. More information and application forms.

YKI-treeni in Autumn and Spring

The Finnish National Certificates of Language Proficiency are language tests intended for adults. They assess language skills in practical situations where adults may generally need to speak, listen, write or read in a foreign language.  

Our YKI-treeni course aims to assist the student to prepare for the test. We study five days and 25 hours per a week. Besides there are some independent studies.

Please look for more information from www.sro.fi/yki. Application forms for our course at our website https://sro.fi/images/raamattuopisto/hakulomakkeet/ykitreeni.pdf. You need to fill the form, print it and send it to SRO Office, address: Helsingintie 10, 02701 Kauniainen. If needed, we will assist you.   


The Finnish Bible Institute and the Finnish Bible Institute Foundation offer 

-          many short courses and events

-          longer training courses mainly for young people

-          language and culture courses for immigrants

-          support and meetings for elderly persons

-          affordable accommodation for travelers in Kauniainen in the capital region and in Vuokatinranta in the northern Finland

-          lunch and other catering services

-          various publications, books, radio programs and magazines.

-          possibilities for voluntary work and other support.


 Contact information

 Finnish Bible Institute, Post Office Box 15, FIN-02701 Kauniainen

Tel: +358 9 512 3910

e-mail: Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.

(The Institute is about ten minutes walk away from the Kauniainen train station).


How to support the Finnish Bible Institute?

You can support us financially through these bank accounts. Thank you for your support.

Danske Bank: FI40 8000 1100 0684 11

Nordea: FI74 1378 3000 2196 30

Osuuspankki: FI73 5720 2320 1095 43


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